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Adding team members without adding to your headcount

Updated: Jan 16

Adding to your employee head count can be risky business. What if market conditions change? What if the project gets cancelled? What if the team member just isn’t working out? Contract labor is a great way fill a gap without the long-term commitment.

Contract labor is a quick way to boost a team’s productivity. These resources are generally highly skilled and can be hired for a specific timeframe. You can even negotiate a contract-to-hire agreement if you want the option to hire the resource full-time once they’ve proven their abilities.

This week we’re looking at the reasons contract labor might be a better fit for the role you’re trying to fill.


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We need a resource but we have a limited budget

A full-time role means budgeting for a resource year after year. A contract role can be limited to a year or even months. You always have the option to renew the contract when it’s coming to an end, but if the budget runs out, you’re free to move on. This is business as usual for contractors. There’s no hard feelings or employment ramifications.

We really only need someone for part of this project

Maybe the team doesn’t have experience with a specific technology. Maybe there’s a certain component that needs to be built and can be maintained by the existing team afterward. Maybe the team just needs to get through a release and the workload will slow down afterward. These are all great reasons to consider a contract resource.

We’ve been burned and want to try before we buy

Have you hired employees that just haven’t worked out? Maybe there were collaboration issues or maybe the resource just didn’t have the necessary skills. The interview process can’t always tell you how a team member is going to perform. A contract-to-hire resource allows you to see if the resource is a good fit before bringing them on full-time.

We just need someone to build this for us

It’s possible you just don’t have the team to build a software product and really don’t want to add the headcount to do it. Maybe you don’t have an IT group. Maybe your IT group is busy with other projects. Consulting companies like ours can be contracted to scope, price, and build an entire system for your company.

So remember…

You can add team members without adding headcount. Contractors immediately fill a gap while giving you budget and hiring flexibility.

Looking for contract resources? We can help! We only use top tier consultants that fit your exact needs. Contact us to find out more.


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