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Fractional Consulting is the budget-friendly way to boost your team

Why hire another full-time resource? You can level up your team and their expertise with a Fractional Consultant.

Fractional Consulting is a budget-friendly way to augment your team with the expertise they need.

Several years ago we received a call from a client.

They were having issues with a home automation App they had developed internally for their products.

The App had some very strange timing issues:

- UI components would update before an appliance even turned on.

- Statuses would change and then change back inexplicably.

- The order of certain UI refreshes was seemingly random.

They had been working on the issues for months.

After one of our consultants started digging through the source, we found the problem. It was simply a misunderstanding in the code. We were able to work with the team and get the problem fixed in less than a month.

The client was ecstatic and couldn't believe we had solved the problem so quickly.

It was like we had just performed an amazing magic trick.

If a development team doesn't have the technology expertise, they're going to make mistakes.

Fractional Consulting can help. It's a way to help your team get the expertise they need within your budget. Contact us to find out how.


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