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We do IT recruiting differently

Partner with us today to unlock tomorrow's talent 

Areas of Expertise

We pride ourselves in having a deep understanding for  technology, we have spent a combined 60+ years in the IT field building projects for major companies, as well as building teams.  Let us lend our talents to you in your search to find the perfect candidate!

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With Us As Your Partner You Get



Partner with former high-level IT professionals for a streamlined hiring experience. Our rigorus talent screening will ensure top candidates align perfectly with your needs. 


Personalized Approach

As former IT hiring leaders ourselves, we understand the intricacies of building technology divisions. Connect us with your hiring teams and what happens next will be nothing short of amazing.  



The days of recruiting companies relying only on key word searches are over. Your time is valuable, and our screening process ensures that you only see resumes of candidates that we’d hire ourselves. 


Expert Screening

We conduct our own candidate interview first. We match a candidate to an expert for a technical evaluation. Candidates must meet our standards before they can uphold yours.


Our Company Values

We are a diverse and inclusive company founded on the values of honesty, integrity, and respect. We are proud to have a team of military veterans and family-focused individuals who are dedicated to our mission.


True Partnership

We are here to help you through any hiring needs, on a timeline that fits your schedule. Your priorities are our priorities, your success is our success. Partner with us today and unlock tomorrow's talent.

Our Partner Intake Process

Experience the IT Pro Search Difference

Networking Event

Our trusted network of experienced professionals ensure your candidate fits your needs

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Six decades of IT engineering and leadership experience is our strategic advantage

A group of people at the top of hill looking at a sunset

We've made careers building great teams for other companies, let us build one for you

Two people at a desk looking at a resume

Our difference comes from our professional experience being hiring managers.

This is the best place to work sign

It's simple. Our process will find, screen, and deliver the strongest candidates that are ready to be interviewed.


2450 Lakeside Parkway

Suite 150 PMB1090

Flower Mound, TX 75022

(833) 499-0921

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