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How to nail the interview every time

Nailing the interview is key to getting the job. Here are some tips from an interviewer's perspective to help you do just that. First...

Never assume I read your entire resume

Maybe I did, but hiring managers are busy. They may have added you to an interview list based on a few skills they saw and your years of experience. I’m hoping you’ll fill in the blanks during the interview. If you don't I may miss some crucial experience that applies to the role I'm hiring for. That means...

Don’t give me one word answers

Yes or no is almost always the wrong answer. Ellaborate. If I ask you if you know SQL, my hope is that you’ll not only tell me yes, but share your experience. Tell me about how you helped to optimize queries in your last project to improve application performance by 35%. This is a great way to...

Tell me how you've made an impact

Telling me your experience is great, but it's even better if you can tell me how what you did made an impact on the organization. Notice that the example I shared above discusses not just that I improved performance, but by how much. Try to quantify your impact with numbers. How much revenue? How much savings? What percentage performance improvement? It's even better if you...

Know the company and the role before the interview

Try to learn about the position, the company, and the dynamics of the team before the interview ever begins. Did you talk to a recruiter first? Ask them for this information. Be ready to share your experiences that are directly applicable to the role you’re interviewing for. It helps the interviewer ask more probing questions about that experience. If you can't find out this information...

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Sometimes the questions you ask can be even more important than the questions I ask. Ask questions about challenges the organization is facing. You may be able to share experiences you have overcoming those types of challenges. This can show how you would have an immediate impact on the team. Just be careful with your wording. Never assume their problem is the same, simply share your experience. And finally, remember...

An interviewer doesn't expect you to be perfect

They have a role to fill and they would love for you to be the right fit. Reviewing resumes and interviewing takes up their valuable time. They have a job to do and the longer it takes to find the right candidate, the more time they're distracted away from that job.

So remember...

By understanding the interviewers perspective, you can nail the interview every time.

Are you spending too much time searching for the right candidate? Sifting through endless resumes and conducting countless interviews? Leave it to us. Contact us to find out more.


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