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The formula for attracting top talent

Updated: Jan 16

When filling an IT role, you don't want to just check the technical skill boxes. You want someone who's going to have an impact on your organization.

Someone who works well with others. Someone who is not only highly skilled, they know how to apply those skills to solve real problems.

The problem is, every organization wants these people. You need to help your organization stand out from the crowd. Here's how.


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Your job profiles need to look attractive

Just listing title, required technical skills, and necessary years of experience isn’t enough. Talk about team culture. Tell them how new ideas are welcomed. Explain how you will help them grow in their career.

Your technical interviewer needs to be knowledgable AND personable

Any candidate that comes out of an interview feeling like they were in a boxing match isn't leaving with a great impression. The interviewer needs to represent the organization and the team they would be joining. Their technical knowledge needs to represent the kind of talent the candidate would be learning from while at the same time showing them the type of fun, friendly atmosphere they can expect.

Interview face-to-face, stop the coding quizzes

Coding quizzes really don't show that a candidate can solve real world problems and they waste a lot of the candidates time. Remember, you should consider that their time is just as valuable as yours. You’ll find out much more in a face-to-face interview than you would in a coding quiz. Let the candidate problem solve in front of you. Simply...

Ask more open ended questions and use a whiteboard

Asking very technically specific questions accomplishes almost nothing. Just because a candidate doesn’t know how to use semaphores in Java doesn’t mean they aren’t a good fit. Open ended questions and seeing how they problem solve on a whiteboard tells you much more about their skillset. Listen to the questions they ask. Watch how they model. See how they drive toward a solution. The interview will be much more fun for everyone and you'll leave with a better understanding of the candidate's abilities.

So remember...

Checking technical boxes isn't enough to find top talent. You need to make sure your organization stands apart from the crowd.

Do you want to make sure you find top talent? We can help. Contact us to find out more.


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