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Take your candidate submissions from rejected to accepted

Updated: Jan 16

It’s frustrating when your qualified candidates keep getting rejected by the interviewer team. They checked all the technical skills boxes, their resume looked polished, and they even sounded great in the phone screen… But, the hiring team wasn’t convinced.

They had a different reason for every candidate. Things that weren’t on their checkbox list of required skills. So what can you do? Does the team just have unreasonable expectations?

This week we’re exploring how you can take your candidate submissions from rejected to accepted.


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Don’t be a resume funnel

How well are you screening candidates? Are you just matching technology keywords to candidates and sending them along? Pre-screening with targeted questions about the specific role your filling are key to making sure the candidate is a fit.

Understand the role you’re filling

No, really understand it. Do you really know the team? Have you met them? Asked them what they’re building? Found out what their day-to-day looks like? This information is key when screening candidates.

Don’t leave out the ugly details

Make sure you know and discuss the less than desirable aspects of the position with the candidate. If the position requires weekend call rotation, and the candidate is not on board with being on call twice a month, it's not going to work out.

Don’t play salary games

Tell them upfront if their salary expectations are too high for the position. Don’t believe that the job will sell itself once they get further along in the process. You’re just wasting everyone’s time.

Don’t misrepresent candidates

If the candidate doesn’t have a skill, don’t pretend they do. If you understand the role you may still feel they are a great fit and a missing skill may not be a big deal. Just don’t set the wrong expectations.

So remember...

Checking technical boxes isn’t enough. You need to really understand both the role you’re filling and the candidates you’re submitting. That’s how you take your candidate submissions from rejected to accepted.

Do you need help finding truly qualified candidates? We can help. We ensure we truly understand the role we’re filling and find only the candidates who are the best fit.

Contact us to find out more.


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